Happily Grateful

Suzanne Burnett
1 min readOct 11, 2023

“Can I help with your toast?”

Our 15-year-old son spoke to his 2-year-old brother. As the toddler was perched on a tall stool, they were nearly eye to eye.

“Yes! I want jam, please!” the little man chirped with an excited wiggle. Loving the feel of the wiggle, he continued to bounce on his seat and burst into song, “Jam, jam, jaaaaam. Jam!”

Spreading red raspberry mash on the toast, the older brother chuckled. “Oh, are we singing a jam song? Jam-jam-jaaam-jamjamjam…..”

Delighted at this spontaneous duet, both boys continued to sing, jig, and well, JAM in the pantry while I watched from across the kitchen.

Isn’t it astounding how such a little thing topped off their cups of joy? Hurrah for jam and yet another illustration of why our Savior asks us to “become as a little child” (3 Nephi 11:38)!

For, in the end, “you will never be happier than you are grateful.” (Gary B. Sabin, Hallmarks of Happiness)



Suzanne Burnett

Mother of twelve children and member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints shares spiritual insights learned through parenting and marriage.