Strengthened — -One Day at a Time

Suzanne Burnett
2 min readMar 16


"So....when does it go away?"

Our 14-year-old son stared curiously at my protruding abdomen. Following his gaze and shaking my head at his innocent, yet pointed question, I looked at his 18-HOUR-old sibling next to us and said, "Not for a long, LOOOOONG time, Son."

I'm not really a health nut, but I would like to be strong enough to do "mom life" without hurting myself. The hope is that a game of tag, or a horse ride, or a two-hour hike doesn't send mom to the couch or to the hospital.

However, at this stage of life, self-care in any form must be slipped into the routine or carved out of the early morning hours. Who needs sleep?

Hence the response to my teenager's question. At this rate, it takes months to develop enough muscle tone to complete a preschool trampoline session without wondering if my body is going to fall apart.

Recently it has become apparent that the same principles also apply to my spiritual health.

The goal in this area is to have enough spiritual strength that personal faith in Jesus Christ isn't shaken or hurt when life happens. This requires consistent effort over time.

Stretched out abdominal muscles don't come together in a week, and overworked or underused spiritual muscles don't tone up in a day. However, pecking away at both goals on a daily basis can produce long-lasting and long-term results!

As Elder Juan Pablo Villar taught, "This [life] is a long-distance race, a marathon, rather than a sprint, so do not forget those small but constant spiritual activities that will strengthen those important spiritual muscles." 1

Challenging as it is to start and maintain daily health habits (in all areas), please remember that we're not running this "marathon" of life alone. Our Savior invites us to bind ourselves to Him through covenants. He will match or exceed any small amount of effort we put forward.

I believe that with all my heart!

As Paul reminds us, "I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me." 2

One day at a time.



Suzanne Burnett

Mother of twelve children and member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints shares spiritual insights learned through parenting and marriage.